what are the things you have done that could quantify for what God has done for you? what are the things you have let go in a bid to get closer to God the more? Whats your utmost deed for God?

Text: Philippians 1:20-21

Focus: Would be on vs 21.
God desires we give everything we have to Him. He blesses us when we surrender ourselves totally. We really aren’t doing Him a favour.
How do you give your UTMOST to Christ?

What does it mean to give our everything?
Vs 12, Paul spoke about his imprisonment and he knew he was in chains for Christ.
• Paul gave up his life ambition to please and serve God. Whatever your ambition is God’s plan has to be ultimate. Luke 12:13-15. What are you not willing to give up for Christ? The life of man isn’t to keep acquiring possessions but it’s to do the will of God;
• Why are you serving God? What is your motive behind accepting to join a ministry? Vs 18, if you do your service as unto man, you do not get your reward and perception is warped;
• Paul had every reason to be discouraged but Paul remained steadfast in Jesus Christ. A lot of the time discouragement may come but the charge is for you not to faint at the discouragement;
• Every limitation brings opportunities to serve the Lord. Paul, despite, the limitations he preached Christ through his writings, through speaking to jailers etc.
What are you living for?
• Death is a loss to a carnal man. While to a godly person it is an opening to life eternal in Christ; free from problems, trials and sadness. When death comes what will it be to you? If you don’t live for Christ, death will be a loss. Vs 22-26
• To die is gain, when you’re in Christ. What is the greatest possession you have? Is your all on the altar?